The latest technology equipment at the Gear Machine Shop are employed to carry out all stages of the manufacturing process such as broaching, grinding, gear hobbing and computer aided machining, to perfection. Each gear is subjected to numerous stages of inspection and is then checked for dimensional accuracy, gear accuracy, PCD run-out, lead, profile, teeth sizes, finish etc.

The gears are then made to undergo specialized Heat Treatment techniques. This is followed by a stringent inspection of all metallurgical parameters. Surface treatment and packaging are also given due importance. Once a gear is certified as 'OK' by the Quality Control Department it can thus be used in vehicles as 'Defect Free Product'.



This is another area where we takes pride in, its technical expertise amply proven by the rising demand for its Rear Axle Shafts the world over. This is because of the appropriate quality of upset forgings used in the manufacture of these axle shafts.

Machining is done on Copying / CNC machines ensuring dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

Each axle shaft is individually checked for all dimensional and metallurgical parameters. Surface treatment is given due importance. The is why our satisfied customers continue to place repeat orders.