The quality assurance procedures installed for our entire operations facilitate in meeting the best norms of our products. We apply stringent quality checks and inspections at every stage of manufacturing, conforming to the international standards.

Quality at every step is the hallmark at Sam Gears. Right from procurement of material from reliable sources, through design, development, upto the delivery of Gears to the respective plants/mills, Sam Gears India ensures that quality is never compromised. Sam Gears ensures genuine quality and reliability of gears, by using proper design, material selection, non destructive testing (physical, chemical analysis, ultrasonic testing etc) & stringent inspection. Latest machines are employed to produce job within the tolerance limits.

Design Control, Documentation and Data Control of Customer Supplied Products, Product Identification and Traceability, Process Control , well defined Inspection and Testing procedure, Control and validation of Testing and Measuring instruments are some of the parameters adopted and followed by the company.

Control of non-conformity products, corrective and preventive action, control of handling, storage packaging and preservation, control of quality records and Internal Quality Audit and Statistical techniques used for quality management are some of the stringent measures which the Sam Gears guarantees.